The Day After the Retreat

The July Retreat has ended, I feel good in my body that only paddling, sleeping in a tent and yoga can give. Being in the Wilderness motivates my to follow my path, do what feels good and be true to myself.

Sharing the Ontario wilderness is my path. Doing it in an easy way and supporting others to find that ease.

The trip was wonderful. I was so impressed with the how this group of women just leaned into this experience with their whole bodies. I loved how they soaked up this new experience to experimenting with paddle strokes, to swimming in the lake and finding the best way to get in and out for them, and coming together to live as a team in support of one another.

I feel full and energized for what’s next. I need this escape from the hustle and bustle. Going on a retreat is the best way to step back and tend to some serious self care.

There is something so rewarding about gathering with a group of women and laughing so hard it hurts. Now not remembering what was so funny, but only that it felt good to laugh like that.

These are just my short thoughts the day after the Retreat ended. This is why I will keep doing this. Back country canoe tripping is special to me and I feel called to share it, safely and with ease.

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