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The Day After the Retreat

The July Retreat has ended, I feel good in my body that only paddling, sleeping in a tent and yoga can give. Being in the Wilderness motivates my to follow my path, do what feels good and be true to myself.

Sharing the Ontario wilderness is my path. Doing it in an easy way and supporting others to find that ease.

The trip was wonderful. I was so impressed with the how this group of women just leaned into this experience with their whole bodies. I loved how they soaked up this new experience to experimenting with paddle strokes, to swimming in the lake and finding the best way to get in and out for them, and coming together to live as a team in support of one another.

I feel full and energized for what’s next. I need this escape from the hustle and bustle. Going on a retreat is the best way to step back and tend to some serious self care.

There is something so rewarding about gathering with a group of women and laughing so hard it hurts. Now not remembering what was so funny, but only that it felt good to laugh like that.

These are just my short thoughts the day after the Retreat ended. This is why I will keep doing this. Back country canoe tripping is special to me and I feel called to share it, safely and with ease.

What is Eating Clean?

You might be wondering what it means to clean up your diet. It’s a questions I get a lot and when you do it you will feel the results. A clean diet provides energy, weight loss, and an overall vibrant feeling.


Eating clean at it’s core and most basic concept is not eating chemicals. This might seem like a no brainer, but once you start looking it becomes very surprising how many chemicals and artificial components there are to the food that has been deemed safe for consumption.

Look at the labels before you buy, can you pronounce all the ingredients? Do you know what they are? If not don’t buy it. That is where I started when I chose to clean up my diet.


The idea is to simplify what you eat. Pick the stuff that has 3-5 ingredients or less, and you know what the ingredients are.

The other side of eating clean is choosing organic, when you can. I live in a place where organic food is not readily available and I sometimes find it difficult to trust. I don’t trust food that comes from China, organic or not. There is a lot of pollution in China and that will be in the food.

Eating clean is eating whole food, the real deal, the food without the ingredient list. So chopping veggies is a little extra work. You are worth it. Your health and the health of your family is worth it.

Now here’s the downer news when you start looking into cleaning up your diet….

GMO’s are genetically modified organisms, I didn’t really know what that meant. I thought is made the food grow bigger, faster, and brighter. Genetically modified organisms are chemically built to withstand pesticides. So the seeds are covered in pesticides and then when the crop starts growing it is covered in pesticides that will kill everything except for the plant that has been genetically modified to not die.

All food that is not organic is genetically modified and it does not legally need to be labeled.

The chemicals from the pesticides are impossible to remove from the food, it’s in the food, it will not wash off. These chemicals go into our bodies, we are unable to digest them well, the body gets stressed out and starts swelling and creating inflammation trying to fight the intruder. This is why it is important to look for organic when you can. If you want to learn more about GMO’s I watched a great documentary on Netflix called GMO OMG from the perspective of a young family, it was really well done.


Your very best bet to get clean food is from your local farmers market or grow it yourself.

Start a garden, it is so rewarding eating food fresh from the vine in your own backyard. It has motivated me to start a garden. I’ve been blessed with the space, tools, and resources to do so. Start with a window box on your balcony if it’s all you have.

Ready to Clean Up your diet, here’s a good place to start. Get my Fatigue Fighting 3 Day Meal Plan.IMG_2330