Hydration. There’s nothing more important.

Do you often feel tired, do you get cravings, do you ever get headaches? These are signs of dehydration. IMG_3345

Do you know how much water you should be drinking in a day? Women at least 2 litres and men 3 litres. More if you are being active. I struggle to get this many days, it’s easier if you set a goal to do it, think about it.

Juice, pop, coffee, alcohol, and caffeinated beverages don’t count. These are diuretics, meaning they make you pee, and instead of absorbing the water in these beverages it just passes through you, doing nothing for your body.

Herbal tea counts!

Most Important Tip: Your body can only absorb 250mL (1 cup) every hour. You need to sip your water. You think if you drank 2 litres of water a day you would be peeing ALL the time, this is true only if you drink more than 250mL in an hour. The key is to sip water throughout the whole day.

So spruce up your water make it more enjoyable and tasty. Add frozen fruit instead of ice. Or try savoury with some herbs. I’m loving cucumber water right now.

Herbal Iced Tea: Brew your favourite herbal tea, let it steep in boiling water for a few minutes than pour it in a glass or a mason jar (sometimes it’s handy to have a lid and take it to go) over ice.


If you want to feel better than you do now, this is always where I start with my clients. How much water are you drinking? Can you drink more? Start with the goal of a litre a day and slowly increase it.

I know you will feel a difference.

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