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Food and the Outdoors

Do you feel different through the seasons? I can only speak for myself,  but I eat differently through the year depending on the season and it feels good. It took me a long time of experimenting (not always on purpose) to figure out how food makes me feel and to tune in to my inner wisdom. I can now listen to my body and what it needs, then make the choice if I can give it or not. Have you ever craved greens? Or nuts? Or fruit? Or just knowing you need protein? It’s really amazing once you get there with your body. Read to the end if you would like tips to get there.


I learned to eat well when I started to go on cane trips. I felt different when I was canoe tripping, for so many reasons: fresh air, using my body in ways it wasn’t used to, the physical exercise, eating proper protein, carbs, and fats. I felt more alive than I ever had before. I didn’t realize the importance of eating well, until I noticed the difference in myself and seeing in the 100’s of students I’ve taught and taken on outdoor education excursions over the last ten years. Feeling good and having energy to travel in the outdoors with all our gear, it was getting easier as the days go by. The food was carefully planed and portioned out for those trips, there was never a question about what we eat next. We followed the menu laid out for the week, each days level of protein was accounted for. I cannot seem to take that level of planning and preparation into my real life, but I know having a plan is helpful to eating well. I’ve been thinking about this feeling of vibrancy, just feeling alive and connection with yourself. I want everyone to feel it, especially women who haven’t felt it before or in a long time. It will change the way you care for yourself.

This feeling alone has been my inspiration to use my guiding experience to take women out on a beginners canoe trip in Algonquin Park for three days. I’ve taken many people into the wilderness with no canoeing and no camping experience, they love it. I am so excited to share it with like minded women who want to get out into nature on my Women’s Wilderness Canoe and Yoga Retreat. 

I’ve been paddling and spending some time in Algonquin Park this last week. I yearn to get into nature, with all the things I need to be comfortable and happy. Imagine slowly paddling in the sunshine on a quiet pristine lake, breathing the freshest air you have ever tasted. Summer has arrived, and it is sweet! Setting up camp lakeside, soaking in summer with a swim, and  hanging out, cooking over the campfire in the evening. This is bliss. Very much on my mind.

Everything tastes better when eaten outside. I’ll share a meal I had on a trip last year. Roasted sausages over the fire and mushroom risotto.

Mushroom Risotto for two campers:
– Sautee chopped mushrooms in a tablespoon of olive oil in a pot on medium heat.
– Once mushrooms have softened add 1 cup of risotto rice, let toast for one minute stirring occasionally so rice doesn’t stick to the pot. Turn the stove as low heat as possible.
– add 1/2 cup of wine let the rice soak it up, about 5 min.
– add 2 cups of broth, stir in the rice and let simmer until all the liquid is soaked in
– stir in 1/4 cup of grated parmesan cheese.

If you haven’t had the experience of vibrant health yet, you can still get there. You can get the checklist I developed when you are ready to transform to your best health. Start here. Click to download the checklist.

If you enjoy spending time in nature, paddling on pristine lakes, getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and taking pleasure in simple living, join us. The yoga and the paddling are for everyone of all abilities taken at a relaxed comfortable pace. Click the photo below for more information.

Retreat photo with title

What are you eating that doesn’t feel good?

Working off the New You 6 week meal plan is making me more conscious of the food I’m eating. I’m probably hitting an 80/20 balance right now. 80% of  whole clean food and 20% of whatever I want. Or sometimes feels more like I need. I’m a sucker for strawberry rhubarb pie and a certain someone knows that. I ate it, loved it, and didn’t feel bad about it. I didn’t physically feel crappy for eating it and didn’t feel the need to dwell on straying from the meal plan. That’s what happens when you achieve balance.

Listen to your body, what is it asking for. 90% of the time a craving is actually a sign of dehydration, but with practice you will feel what your body needs. Drink some water and listen again. Still craving that ice cream? Eat it. Then how do you feel? Take notice. Dairy doesn’t normally make me feel good.

I went to my first farmers market of the year last week! I got fresh greens and tomatoes, and had amazing salad over the weekend. I bought Bliss Burgers straight from the farmer close to Huntsville. It feels so good to buy beef that is grass fed, hormone and antibiotic free. The beef industry is killing the planet, I don’t want to talk about that right now, but I think about it walking the meat coolers in the grocery store. It is so good for your body, health, and community to buy local good meat. The season has begun, get to your farmers market!

If you don’t know where to start to eat right, keep it simple. Try to eat as locally as possible, it’s the most nutrient dense food. Your body will thank you.

Free Nutrition Tip:
CHEW VERY WELL. Try chewing 30x before swallowing!

Want more easy actionable tips to feel vibrant!? Download my checklist, the top 3 things to transform your health and feel your best.

green veggies checklist top 3

Let me know! What food doesn’t make you feel so good?

Do you try new things?

I love love love trying new things! I find it exciting and an important part of living a fulfilled life. For me that works; I’ve always been a daring kid, searching for the next thrill. A big reason why I spent so much of my youth sailing every summer. Getting to control a moving boat, before ever having a license to drive was thrilling and the weather’s always changing, having to adapt. I loved the thrill and rush of sailing in big wind.

I felt like a kid again this past weekend. One of my very good friends asked if I wanted to do a mud run with her. If I can, I will always say yes to new opportunities. I’ve never run in a mud run. It was amazing! Also soo much muddier than I was expecting, I crawled through deep mud pits, that sucked me in if I stopped moving. The mud was heavy and stuck to every crevice of my body, it made running had with an extra 5 pounds of mud stuck to each shoe. I loved it! What I loved the most was our team spirit, 7 ladies plus 4 (we divided a little) who did not all know each other sticking by one another and getting through the 16 obstacles in 6 km together. Helping at every opportunity, no one felt they had to do any thing alone. Amazing girl power I felt right there. I highly recommend obstacle racing with a team, I would do it again in a heart beat, just to feel that support and encouragement again.

The mud run was at Wilderness Tours on the Ottawa River, so we took advantage of where we were and went white water rafting the next day. Also something new to me. I’ve been once before, but not in big flowing spring water. It was intense, we laughed our whole way down the river and got to swim in the rapids, by choice! We knew of the risk of our raft flipping, but it never happened. Just go with the flow!


Trying new food can bring the joy to cooking. I really like to walk through the grocery store and once a month pick out a fruit or vegetable I’ve never tried before and than research how to prepare it. It makes eating more exciting. The new vegetable for me last month was celery heart or root. I peeled, chopped, and roasted it in the oven. It turned out great, I’ll do it again and have a new vegetable to add to my repertoire. We actually ate it like finger food at a girls night.

Just to give you another example. My dinner last night was almost entirely of food I had never tried this time last year. I roasted spaghetti squash and bok choy, in a bowl I added the not so new stuff tomato sauce and sauteed mushrooms and onions. It was a very satisfying and healthy veggie dinner.


What’s some new food you’ve tried, or maybe want to try? Write in the comments. Have you ever made your own mayonnaise? The recipe is in my ebook: 7 Super Food Recipes Made with a Blender. Click the photo below to get it.


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