Day 5 of the Sugar Detox

We’ve reached the half way point of the 10 day sugar detox. I’m feeling awake, energized, and clear minded. I have the focus to pour myself into my work. Last night I hosted a smoothie party and had a lot of fun talking about food and nutrition. It may sound really nerdy, but I get excited talking about the core principle of “you are what you eat.”

What I love most about doing this detox is feeling first hand the influence food has on the way I feel. My partner Scott and I had a good chat this morning about the detox we are doing and he continued about how good he’s feeling he wants to keep eating this way when it’s over. Essentially we are following a paleo diet, I hate to put a label on it, but it’s making us feel really great.

We also discussed our struggles and cravings. The funny thing is we are not craving sugar and don’t even miss it. Scott is a big double double coffee drinker. This detox is also about making it your own. My confession, I haven’t entirely given up caffeine, I have one black coffee in the morning. Scott drinks two coffee’s a day, which is really cutting back for him, but he doesn’t include any sugar and claims he has no intention of going back to putting sugar in his coffee when this is over. I miss cheese the most, he missed bread. We will treat these items as rare treats after the detox is over and rid our house completely of all granulated sugar.

Just as I suspected the first three days were the hardest and now we’ve gotten into a routine of avoiding sugar, wheat, grain, dairy, beans, alcohol, and caffeine. It no longer feels like a struggle or an extra stress. It almost seems like a mental block more than a physical one when you make the decision to not allow yourself to eat certain things. Scott and I experienced some tense moments at the beginning, that this was going to be difficult. In a way he expressed some resentment towards me starting this detox, and this morning he couldn’t stop going on and on about how good he was feeling in his body that he never wants to stop eating this way and how happy he was that we are doing this detox. It was funny.

We’ve been having the most fun experimenting with smoothies in the morning with enough protein to get us feeling good and satisfied all the way to a late lunch. I had the most amazing smoothie this morning, I added a dash of cocoa powder. Loved that chocolate taste and no sugar!

I recommend everyone try this out. It’s not too late to join. Get the quick start guide by clicking here.




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