Spring Detox, Are You Ready to Feel Vibrant?

What does a Detox do to you? Is a 10 Day Detox for Everyone?

If you want to feel alive in your body I recommend a detox for everyone. The biggest take away I got from the experience is discovering the effect food has on me and how I feel. It’s so true, “you are what you eat.” Eating clean and sugar free feels amazing! Awesome healthy food made me feel vibrant. I gained more energy, I felt more clear and focused. I lost weight. The biggest shift was my hunger levels changed completely. People who know me well know I get “hangry”, real irritable and moody when I get hungry. The hunger came on very gradually and I didn’t have the mood effects I had before detoxing. That’s why I’m doing it again this year! Join me on this free group 10 day Spring Detox starting April 4!


No sugar. No dairy. No grain or any sort (wheat, oats, granola, rice, quinoa anything). No beans. No alcohol. No caffeine. I didn’t feel ready to cut out coffee, I allowed myself one cup of black coffee in the morning. I just love holding that hot cup of joe in the morning as I wake up. So the staples are fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, nuts, and seeds. It was easier than I expected it to be. 

I did a 10 day detox for the first time last year and lucky me; my loving partner Scott did it with me, I was not alone. The most important thing through this is having support. I talked to my friends before doing it, we had a private facebook group and there were 8 of us going through it from all over posting what we were eating, our struggles, and our wins. It takes mental preparation and a plan. I started thinking about it a week before doing it, picked a date and started recruiting anyone and everyone I could to join me.

Before starting I thought about what I could eat. I bought Dr. Mark Hyman’s book The 10 Day Detox Cookbook. It was exciting to make new recipes. I made a shopping list for the week and bought everything at once. I did a kitchen clean out, cleared my cupboards of everything we couldn’t eat during the detox. It was best to take away the temptation, but most of my friends also participating in the detox were alone in their households doing the detox and had families still to feed. They were still successful, but had to exercise more will power.

The hardest part was trying to find food on the go. When we visited friends at a hockey tournament and we were just grabbing fast food to take back to the hotel. We had no idea where to go get food we could eat while detoxing. We ended up going to the grocery store and getting a cooked chicken, raw vegetables, and a bag of popcorn with no added sugar.

It’s not difficult to get through when you keep snacks on hand, plan your meals, have the ingredients available, and after two days you will start feeling the benefits of detoxing. The biggest questions is what do you do after the detox? I’ll admit the first thing I did was ate toblerone chocolate that was given to us three days before the end of our detox. We ate the chocolate at the end to celebrate. We’ve decided we’re going to keep up the healthy eating, really limit our intake of sugar, wheat, and dairy. I’m going to keep drinking wine when I want. I’m drinking less coffee, sticking to the black coffee in the morning. I’m not setting complete restrictions, but now that I know how good it feels to eat “clean” I’m going to keep it up. Replacing sugar with natural sweetness like maple syrup or honey as much as possible.

I’m starting again Monday April 4, 2016.



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